Working With You On This Journey

Performing Arts College Consultants was formed in the belief that High School performing arts students have unique opportunities and challenges navigating the college search and application process. Performing Arts College Consultants answers your unique needs.

“BA”, “BFA”, “Liberal Arts Degree”, “Conservatory”

Like other private college consultants, we offer expertise in college search applications and essay brainstorming and editing. Unlike other private college consultants, we offer a unique understanding of the role performing arts can play in this process. We can work with you to leverage your passion in your college application.

Colleges once sought  “well-rounded “students, now colleges are looking for “angular “students with a passion they’ve significantly explored throughout high school. Colleges have learned that the well-rounded student body they seek is comprised of individuals with a passion.

How We Can Help

Whether you are seeking a liberal arts college where you may choose a major from anthropology to zoology or whether you are looking to train for a performing arts career while attending a four year college (and everything in between), we can assist you in finding the best fit college programs for you.

Additionally, we are also skilled to work with you to answer the following questions:
How do you combine a student’s love of performing with academics?
How can you leverage that passion in a application to a liberal arts college?
Is dance or theatre a hook to get into a selective college?
What about a student who plans a career as an actor,dancer, or musician but we doesn’t want to limit his or her options?

Our extensive experience can provide confident answers to these questions and many others.

Our Performing Arts Expertise


Dance is your passion and our college counseling specialty. You spend hours in the studio and at rehearsals. Your dedication to dance and your many hours in the studio means you miss your grandparent’s anniversary, your close friend’s birthday party, and numerous other school and family events. You’re dedicated to dance, and colleges should see that in many ways throughout your application.

Whether your passion is ballet, contemporary, jazz, tap, hip-hop … and whether or not you want to pursue a dance career, a dance major or minor or just seek dance extracurriculars when at college…we can help you find colleges that fit you. As your dance college advisor, we teach you how to evaluate the depth and breadth of a college’s courses. We then help you craft great applications so that YOU shine through. We demystify the college audition process, and answer questions such as “What is a Pre-screen?” and “Should I send a video or audition in person?” In addition to auditions for BFA programs, many liberal arts/BA colleges offer auditions for merit/talent scholarships. It is important to be fully prepared for these.

We partner with dance professionals for students who wish for solo preparation outside of their studios.

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A Black Color Shadow of a Man on a Ground

Maybe you’ve been in local theatre since you were very young or maybe you were cast in a High School play and became hooked. Either way, your home is on the stage and you need to communicate your passion and creativity to colleges. Whether you plan to make a career in the theatre or just want to perform in college, we can help you find the schools that fit you.

Whether you are thinking of a BFA/conservatory program or planning on a liberal arts college, we guide you through how best to evaluate theatre departments.

We partner with college audition professionals to assist you with vocals and monologues.

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