Our clients hail from New Hampshire to California to Florida and beyond. Here are just a few of their stories.


Attending Fordham/Ailey

We are so grateful to Margo for taking our dancer’s many initial college hopes and interests and helping her to develop a unique plan. Taegan was fortunate to receive a range of acceptances to both arts and academic programs, ultimately choosing to attend one of her dream schools, in her dream city. We cannot say enough about the quality of the counseling we received and the personal and caring touch that Margo brings to the process.  I could go on and on!
Heather- Mom in CT

Attending Reed College
Margo was a great help and an invaluable resource throughout our daughter’s college application process………
Through a very challenging and tumultuous journey Margo was always accessible, and a constant source of comfort. It is a testament to her organizations skills, her broad knowledge of the college scene (not just BFA programs), and her effective and empathetic communication that we were able to navigate this journey with smiles on our faces that ended with an amazing outcome.
Harsh, father in Colorado

Pace University

Attending PACE School of Performing Arts

Once again ,  I thank you so much for your help in this application process. It is so difficult but with your help (name) was able to navigate and proceed with the process with over 11 schools.  Your expertise, patience and guidance are so greatly appreciated!!  Like I said before she could not have done this without your help.   

I thank you as a parent for being there for all of her questions.   

Luann- mom in Florida

University of Colorado Boulder

Attending University of Colorado, Boulder

Thank you again for all your guidance and help throughout this process.  Honestly I don’t know how we would have pulled off submitting all these applications to the dance programs without your help.

Erin- mom in California


Attending Fordham/Ailey

As a family, we consider ourselves very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Margo on the performing arts college admissions process. Her unparalleled commitment and mastery of the selective college admissions process for BFA students was invaluable. She took the time to get to know our daughter in order to help her identify which programs were the best fit for her. Once our daughter decided what schools to apply to, Margo was actively involved and instrumental in guiding our daughter through the application and audition process. And even after our daughter was accepted to her first choice, Margo provided advice on how to navigate asking for more scholarship money. In the end, this was the best investment we’ve made so far as parents! 

Shelby- mom in Seattle

Boston University

Attending Boston University

Thank you so much for your guidance, patience, and of course, your expertise in this crazy process called college admissions. 

Yuriko- mom in Maryland

Attending Arts Umbrella Vancouver, B.C.

We couldn’t have made it through a potentially daunting process without Margo.  Margo lead Lily through the college process after a gap year. She helped Lily organize, stay on task and create amazing essays that honed right in on what each particular program was looking for.  She was always available to Lily which reduced our stress levels and kept Lily moving forward. Margo is extremely knowledgeable about what programs are out there and how to put one’s best foot forward for those programs. The most difficult part of the journey was picking what school Lily was going to commit, as she was accepted at USC/Kaufman, NYU, UNCSA, BUTLER, ALONZO LINES BFA and her ultimate choice ARTS UMBRELLA.   We are so grateful to Margo for her expertise and kindness. 

Lara- Mom in New York


Attending University of Southern California

Thank you sosososososo much for everything you did to help me  

Thalia, student at USC

University of San Diego

Attending University of San Diego

Thank you, Margo! I am so grateful that you have helped guide (name) I know she trusts you and having you has helped her feel more confident through this whole process.

Kathy- mom in California


Attending UCLA

“Thank you for guiding (name) on her college application journey.  Your knowledge and insight and calm approach was so helpful during a year that was so stressful”.

Elaine- mom in California- 2020-21 during Covid

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